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Date: Oct 7, 2021

Location: Zhangjiagang, JS, CN

Company: Wacker Chemie AG


Our world needs ideas! As one of the world’s most research-intensive chemical companies, we have been developing leading solutions for numerous sectors – from construction to photovoltaics and cosmetics to rubber – for over 100 years. We have a global presence with production sites on three continents and 14,600 employees from 70 nations.

At our site in Zhangjiagang, we are currently looking for a(n) 操作工.



- 遵守岗位相应的法律法规及其它要求,理解并遵守公司的EHSS方针、程序、标准和规定。

- 上岗前体检合格并参与定期的健康监护(体检和结果咨询)以确保没有职业禁忌症。
- 满足法规和EHSS方针的培训要求,并且上岗前需通过岗位特定的培训。
- 承担岗位相关的EHSS职责并积极参与EHSS的项目和活动以确保无工伤事故。保证本岗位在安全、健康和环保的要求下进行生产活动。
- 负责本岗位操作和运行,将生产工艺参数控制在技术文件所规定的范围之内,保证质量。
- 根据要求操作所负责的设备和区域,利用知识和经验使所负责的设施在安全和最佳的状态下运行。
- 根据要求去完成工作任务,服从主管的工作安排和调整,如生产、投料、打扫卫生等。
- 进行生产过程中的简单的质量检验。
- 参与质量、安全事件和客户投诉的调查,并负责改正活动的具体实行。
- 参与工厂设备的日常检查和维护。
- 其他主管分配的工作。




- 安全意识好。
- 具有1年以上化工行业操作经验。
- 能知道化工基本英文。
- 会驾驶叉车,并有驾驶证的优先考虑。
- 工作主动,具有团队合作精神。
- 愿意做倒班工作。
- 化工工艺专业及其它相关专业,中专、中技、职高以上学历。


Sustainability is one of WACKER’s corporate goals – also as an employer. We want you to remain productive, healthy and successful long term. That is why we offer, for example, comprehensive health management and a variety of advanced training programs and courses for individual development opportunities, alongside a good work-life balance. Naturally, we also have a fair compensation system and above-average social benefits. After all, social responsibility has a long tradition at WACKER.


Be part of a family. Across all nations.


We are looking forward to your online application at www.wacker.com/careers
Reference Code: 6622